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Dental Hygiene Services in San Jose

Maintaining & Improving the Health of Your Teeth & Mouth

Preventative dentistry is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for the health of your teeth and mouth. Dr. Berna Sanayei recommends visiting the dentist two times a year for check-ups and teeth cleanings. Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, you may need additional visits. Our dental hygienists and dentist in San Jose have extensive training to help you prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. We can also help you and your family take proper care of your teeth at home.

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Learn & Retain Proper Oral Hygiene Habits

Our top priority is to provide our patients with quality dental care in a comfortable environment. This includes providing you and your family with education on proper oral hygiene habits to use at home. When you take good care of your teeth and gums, it can help prevent plaque from building up and reduce the likelihood of tooth decay. This can help save you money, time, and discomfort in the long run.

A few oral hygiene tips that you can practice include:

  • Schedule regular cleanings and check-ups
  • Scale back on any tobacco products
  • Use dental products with fluoride
  • Not brushing or flossing too hard
  • Floss one or more times a day
  • Brush at least twice daily

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Regular visits to the dentist can help prevent the need for expensive and extensive dental treatments later on. Dr. Berna Sanayei takes great pride in our ability to help our patients maintain their dental hygiene. Whether you are worried about your oral health or want to take preventative measures, we are here to help keep your teeth and mouth in excellent shape.

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